Sunday, October 20, 2013

It's Been A While...

Yikes, time certainly flies by when you are busy with the beginning of the year.  I made up for all the lost time this weekend with three, yep three, new products.  I finally finished two products that I had started and made a new math game to practice missing number in multiplication sentences.

ARRGH!! Multiplication and Division Fact Game is similar to the game crash.  The cards can be used for multiple games and purposes (flashcards, concentration).
HOW TO PLAY: (2 or more players, best with 4-6)
Laminate the cards, cut out, and place in a can or basket. I use a clean coffee can.  Students sit in a circle.  Without looking in the can )or basket), player one pulls 1 card out. He/she must say the fact with the product within 5 seconds. He/She must say the complete equation (2 x 4 =8). If he/she is correct, he/she holds onto the card. If he/she is unable to say the correct equation, the card goes back into the can. The can is passed to the next player.
If a player pulls an ARRGH! Card, he/she must put ALL his/her cards back into the can and his/her turn is over. (I tell the students they must say ARRGH! like a pirate would. The player with the most cards at the end is the “winner.”

It is organized in the order my district has us teach the facts. The order is 2, 10, 5, 0, 1, 3, 4, 8, 6, 9, 7. It is color-coded by the quarter we teach it in. Both division facts are included. eg., 10/2 and 10/5.

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I also finally finished CCSS RI1-RI0 Key Ideas and Details Mustache Questions.  It includes 60 questions for Informational Text based on Common Core State Standards!
24 question cards for RI1, RI2, and RI3; 20 question cards for RI4, RI5, and RI6; 16 question cards for RI7, RI8, and RI9

My kiddos love all things with mustaches on them so this is quite a hit!  Makes answering text-dependent questions much more interesting. :)

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Lastly, I made a math game to practice missing number in multiplication equations. What's Your Number? is  a partner game to practice multiplication facts and missing number. (3.OA.4 and 3.OA.7)
The kiddos always love sticking things to their forehead so why not let them!
Without looking, player 1 picks a card and holds the card up on his/her forehead. Player 2 spins the spinner, multiples the player 1’s number by the number the spinner lands on, and says the product. Player 1 must tell Player 2 what number is on his/her card based on the product and what was spun.  9 spinners with different factors. digit cards color-coded for each board are included as well as black and white versions for those wishing to save ink. :)

Want it?  Get it at my TPT or TN store!