Sunday, March 31, 2013

Multiplication Go Fish!

My county is phasing in common core.  Which has been nice because it has meant we have only need to learn one core curriculum a year.  At the beginning of next year, all elementary schools will be core LA and Math.  Last year K started core math and all grades started a new writing framework based on the core.  This year K-2 are core math, 3-5 are teaching core reading.  So as a third grade teacher I've been teaching LA Core and just waiting to go to core math. I am a dork and am looking forward to core math because I feel the curriculum makes more sense. 
Of course the switch to core next year means there may be some gaps.  The not-core does not require the students to know multiplication and division facts through 10 but core expects kids to enter 4th grade with all multiplication and division facts mastered.  So we are teaching transition units once we get back from spring break.

I am very busy looking for and making some multiplication and division games.  I have some for the facts we have taught but that's just  x0, x1, x2, x5, and x10.  To help them learn the facts and to keep things interesting I'm making different games for the rest of the facts.  My kiddos love card games so I decided to make Go Fish for x4.  If they like it, I'll make it for the rest of the facts. 

Click here to grab it!  I'd love feedback if you use it with your class!
~Colleen :)

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