Saturday, April 6, 2013

Multiplication & Division War

My kids LOVE playing War.  My co-worker made a place value war game and the kiddos love it.  If that is in the early finishers game pile, it is always taken.  So I made (and am still making) Multiplication & Division War.  Right now the deck only has x/÷2 and x/÷3 facts in it. I am planning to make more.  I'm doing a different background for each set of facts so I can change out the facts easily and mix them up.  I'm trying out Math Workshop and this game will be perfect for math facts practice with a partner. 

Want to use them?  Click here to download them from my TpT store for Free. :)



  1. Hi Colleen,
    I just started my blog not too long ago as well. I love your math "card" games. I created the same things, but with word patterns. Very engaging way for students to learn. I found you linked up to the 3rd grade site on Oh boy 3rd grade. I'm your first follower.

    Bouncing through 3rd grade

  2. Nice cards! Happy to be your second follower. Keep up the good work : )
    Kids Math Teacher