Saturday, May 4, 2013

More Diary of a ..... (Life Cycle Writing)

Wow, it's much harder to find the time to blog and post on TpT when it isn't spring break.  The beginning and end of the year is always so busy. We have 28 days left and the kiddos are starting to show that they are done.  (I probably am too).
Anyways, I had a request for a diary of a butterfly, chick, and hamster. (See previous post frog life cycle for more information on the writing activity).  Figured why not post them as well since I made them!  Second grade at my school actually watches butterflies grow so it's perfect for them. They would be able to add a lot of detail since they get to watch it as it happens.  The file includes 3 different cover pages.  Click the link below to download  from my TPT store!

                                   download "diary of a butterfly" for free from my TpT store

And if you want to complete the activity about the life cycle of a chicken, click the link below the picture.
                                      download "diary of a chick" for free from my TpT store

Enjoy!! =>

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