Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Team Gifts: M&M Rx

As a team leader, I like to do something special at the beginning of the year for my team.  My very first year as team leader I found an idea on online for a M&M Prescription (no idea where, I wish I could give credit).

I went to CVS, told them I was a teacher, asked if I could have 8 prescription bottles, and the VERY nice staff gave me them!  (I know someone who was able to get some from Walmart)

I filled each prescription bottle that folks at CVS gave me with M&Ms.  I typed the following directions and taped it as the label for the bottle.  I've seen the directions glued to construction paper and tied to the bottle with a ribbon.  (You could also type them on a large label and stick it to the bottle.)

My team loved getting a little something on the first day back to work and in December, some of them still had a few M&Ms left!

Last year I moved to third grade as team leader and wished I had started off the year with something but didn't get around to ever making anything.  This year I will be in third again, but other than our para-educator, I will have all new people on my team so I'm on the lookout for fun, inexpensive, gifts to make it start this year off.  Do you have anything you give to your teammates or that you have been given that you LOVED?  Please share!!

~Colleen ❤

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