Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer! Time to Make Stuff

Summer vacation started this week and I am so happy.  I loved my first year in third grade and I will miss my class but I am  ready to lounge at the pool, workout, and make some things for my classroom!  I'm also writing curriculum this year so I'll be making lots of math resources and some science resources.
First on my list was a plan book.  I had a co-worker who used an excel plan book and I thought I'd give it a try next year.  I like that it's one less thing to be carrying home and that I can link to documents, websites, and products I've bought on TpT instead of having to write it all done.
This morning I created a planbook and I've already went through it for next year and marked off all the days off and our special days like field trips, STEM days,  and celebrations.    But before I did that I made a general one that is editable and for sale at my TpT store.  And if you aren't comfortable editing it, I can edit it. :)  Click here to see it at my store. 

If you aren't on break yet, enjoy the rest of the school year.  If you are....have a GREAT summer!! 
~Colleen =>

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