Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pre-Reading Scavenger Hunt

After Spring Break I did novels with my third graders.  It was my first time doing novels, and the kiddos loved it.   I gave them a few choices of novels to give the kids a chance to work with different kids. Since I had a wide range of readers (F&P levels L-T), I had to make sure some didn't pick a novel that was too hard or too easy.  My L-N readers who doing LLI so they didn't get to do the novels, but we did read a Cam Jansen chapter book.  I allowed my two higher groups to pick from the same three novels: The Get-Rich Quick Club, Frindle, and Granny Torelli Makes Soup.
I loved seeing some readers working with a higher-level text and  doing a great job with them.  It was a great way to enrich.
Each student time to look at the novels and do a scavenger hunt to decide which book he/she wanted to read.  So they would  pay attention, I made a scavenger hunt for them to complete.  They hunted through all the books but I had them only fill out the paper on the book they chose.  It also helped my know who picked which book.  Some looked at the cover and immediately knew which book he/she wanted to read but I did have them at least read the blurb on the back before deciding.  It gave they students a chance to really browse the books and take time to decide.  And because of the way I called them to group that day (not by reading group), not many of them picked a book just because their friends were reading it.  :)

They had to draw the cover firat and then find: the title, author, illustrator (if there is one), blurb on back, other books by author, dedication, copyright date, # of chapters, and chapter titles.  They also had to tell if they thought the book would be interesting based ont he blurb on the back and make a  detailed prediction
Next year I'm going to modify how I did novels and Literature Circles but I definitely will use the scavenger hunt to for the kids to pick.

Hope you can use this! 


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