Friday, July 19, 2013

It's hot....

Wow, it's been hot and humid here.  It's 93 but feels like 100.  Based on the Today Show, it sounds like it's probably hot where you are too.  When it's this hot, I get lazy.  Good days to catch up on reading and tv. So I haven't being keeping up with all the things I want to make before I head back to work next month.  That is creeping up wayyy to quickly!

Anyways, here is my latest product.  And it's free!  My team will be piloting NGSS units this school year.  For one of the units, the students need to plan and conduct an investigation.  So I created some posters to help them remember all the things they need to consider.  I have materials and data collection on the same page because I think they need to consider what they will observe and what the variables at the same step.  I plan on breaking it into 4 steps:  ask a question and make a hypothesis, materials and data collection, write the procedure, and finally, results and conclusion.   Check it out at my TpT store or TN store!

Hope you are staying cool!

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