Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Loving Bloglovin'

I  used Google Reader for years. I loved that I could log into one place and see new posts from blogs and other websites I followed.  Once I started following so many teacher/education blogs, it was so nice to be able to go to one place to see all the new posts.

But one day I logged in and saw the dreadful news.....Google Reader was going away on July 1st.  Oh no!  What is a blog-addicted teacher to do?!?!  How would I follow all my blogs?  I would miss so many great teaching and organizing ideas.   I was so sad :(  It would take FOREVER to check each and every blog. I follow over 200 blogs! (I know that is a lot, I need to go through and see which ones are no longer kept up or have moved.).  I started bookmarking blogs as I visited them so I at least wouldn't lose them but I knew that was not a long-term solution.  I also started a board on pinterest of my favorite blogs but it was taking a lot of time since I often got distracted reading the blogs :) And pinterest didn't tell me when there was a new blog post.

I have no clue where I first saw bloglovin' but sometime in May I clicked a link and I made an account. Upon logging in I saw the wonderful import from google reader option. Yay!! I wouldn't need to hunt down all my favorite blogs!

As soon as I started on bloglovin' I realized it was so much better than google reader!  I was able to follow all the blogs I have liked in blogger and it was quick and easy to import all my google reader feeds.  But the best part is the daily email I get.  I am able to see new posts right in my email!!!  I ended up saying so long, bye, bye to google reader within a week on being on bloglovin'.

Ready to join bloglovin'?  If you want to follow Tales From 3rd Grade click below.  I'm a new to the blogwriting world  but I am posting lots of ideas, new products,  and freebies!

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Then find more blogs to follow on the Blog Hunt!  Click on the image below!



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