Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pirate Math Games

Ahoy Mateys! I'm in the middle of making some pirate themed math games.  The kids love pirates and they're allowed to talk like a pirate whilst they play this game.

When I taught first grade I would play sight words CRASH with my students. We'd start with the first 25 words, printed on cardstock and placed in a big, clean coffee can.  Also in the can were  a few "CRASH" cards.  We would sit in a circle or around the table and one at a time, each student would pick a card out of the can.  He/she would have 3-5 seconds to read the card.  If he/she read the word correctly, the card was his/hers to hold onto; if he/she was unable to read the word, it went back into the can.  If a student pulled a "CRASH" card, all his/her cards went back into the can and his/her turn was over. The kids loved the game and other reading groups always wanted to play when they saw another group playing.

Well, in thinking about ways to spice up games for 3.OA.7 (Fluently multiply and divide within 100), I thought of CRASH.  But cars were not appealing as a theme for a cute new game.  And then the lightbulb turned on.....ARRGH!  I didn't have time to make nice ARRGH cards last year, I quickly printed fact cards, wrote ARRGH on blank cards, and put them in my trusty CRASH coffee can.   I started with 2. 5, and 10 since those are easier strategies if the kiddos can skip-count.  Then I added 1 and 0. (I was surprised that a handful of kids struggled with the concept of x1 and x0)

How to Play ARRGH!:
At least 2 kids need to play.  It's best with 4-6 but it depends on how many cards you put in the can.  I started with 2, 5, and 10.  Then I added 1 and 0.  
Players sit in a circle. Without looking in the can (or basket), one student pulls 1 card out.  He/she must say the fact with the product within 5 seconds. I have them say the complete equation (2 x5 = 10.) If he/she is correct, he/she holds onto the card. If he/she is unable to give the correct equation, the card goes back into the can.
The can is passed to the next person. If a player pulls the ARRGH! card, he/she must put ALL his/her cards back into the can and his/her turn is over. (I tell the students they must say ARRGH! like a pirate).
The player with the most cards at the end is the “winner”.

My first new product is  ARRGH!! Multiplying & Dividing by 2, 5, 10 and 1 (CCSS 3.OA.7).  I am in the process of making 0, 3, 9, 6, 4, 8, 7, but I am so excited about how cute it turned out that I had to post it!

And I posted a freebie: ARRGH!! Multiplying & Dividing by 2.  You can grab it here!

Enjoy!  I <3 comments and feedback!
~Colleen ❤

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